Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Saviour: Jay Electronica

There is a lot of speculation to whether Jay Elec will sell his soul once he enters the mainstream world. They believe MTV will change him. I strongly disagree.

Let's say he did have a video on MTV. I can only see greatness coming from it.
You have an artist who is keen on who he is. He knows what he represents. Can you imagine Jay Electronica giving you a visual for his Renaissance music?

To me, Jay Elec is a reincarnation of Talib, Mos Def and Scarface.

Why Scarface? Because Jay gives me that vibe. That real vibe. That everything I say is for my listeners.

Jay is a product of real hip hop. Having somebody of his calibre have a video on MTV will be revolutionary. You'll have an artist who will not sell out. An MC who is independent and has a powerful voice in underground hip hop. Jay Elec may be the only hope of making underground the new commercial.

That will be a day I desperately await because I'm tired of seeing Plies and Soulja Boy make videos and make music about irrelevant topics. I need powerful music. Music that exploits the ups and downs of life. Music that is real. Music with a feel. That club stuff is all cool, but real music is eternal.

This is Jay Electronica, this 0:47 clip will convince you that he is the soul that might change how Hip Hop artists write their music. Exhibit A - Jay Electronica

Here's some of his recent music.


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