Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Middle School Love: Fabolous

The middle school years where a big part of my life because they are the years that I really started to listen to Hip Hop, being a new immigrant and all. An artist that really caught my ear was, Fabolous.

Fabolous really has a way with words whether it's speaking to the ladies, the clubs or just forming together punchlines. He's a great artist because he's consistent and he's flexible in his content. It's his signature laid back flow that capitalized his success.

Now the videos. If you were born in 1990 and you're a fan of hip hop how can you not love these songs? Every dance played these, every girl liked these which means you have had to like these songs. These songs are tied to memories about crushes, lunch breaks and dances.

Fabolous & Tamia - I'm So Into You

Babygirl you know my situation..
Fabolous, Lil Mo & Mike Shorey - Can't Let You Go

Fabolous & Mike Shorey - Baby

Fabolous, Jagged Edge & Diddy - Trade It All Part 2


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