Monday, January 31, 2011

Sex, Lies and Deceit: K.Vincent

The American Dream: Capitalism, Drugs, Rock And Roll.

Enter K.Vincent, a resident From The Streets Of The North Pole, where the corrupt reign and the safe simple minded individuals dwell. A midst it all K.Vincent describes his experiences in his detailed narratives with the goal of capturing the hearts of all those in the Know.

This young Chicago artist definitely possess a variety of strong points towards his music. His confident flow incorporated with his ability to relate to the minds of many like him is quite enthusiastic and lively. He also has a mean knack for some great instrumentals.

So where do you stand, for the movement or against it?

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

#Swavey: Tory Lanez

Many Canadians know that the rap scene up north is not getting the credit it deserves. There are many talents that have yet to be discovered, but for one, there is another young man who's about to make an impact in the Rap game. Another Canadian rapper about to blow up on main stream is the young man Tory Lanez. This Toronto rapper was recently signed to Sean Kingston's T.I.M.E Is Money Ent. and has dropped a mixtape entitled "Mr. Peterson".

He recently blew up over the internet and had a buzz surrounding him when Justin Beiber supposedly stole his lyrics for a freestyle he did over Vado's "Speaking In Tongues". His lyrics are smooth and pack a punch with a quick flow that corresponds. Aside from rapping, Tory Lanez is planning on dropping an R&B album for the ladies in February. Now this may bring to mind another Toronto rapper who raps and sings, Drake. Maybe Lanez is trying to follow his strategy?

But from all of that, if you haven't heard the talent of Tory Lanez, be sure to check him out in the link posted below, I expect him to do it big, so be on the look out. For more, he is featured on Soulja Boy's track "Get At You" and has made an appearance in the DJ Ill Will HotNewHipHop Cypher along side with Kid Ink, Meek Mill, and Los. He has also released many videos of freestyles over tracks such as Rick Ross "Aston Martin Music" and Nicki Minaj's "Romans Revenge". Also, if you're a Twitter user, follow him @TLanez #CANADA!!

Tory Lanez - 6 Foot 7 Foot Freestyle

Tory Lanez & Harlem Mike - How We Smoke
Tory Lanez - I'm Ready

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kid Cudi: Never Outgrowing The Kid

"A Kid Named Cudi", the mixtape that initially kick started his career, to this very single day remains Cudi's best work. His two recent albums, "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" and "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager" all fall short of competing with his initial release.

They both lack the creativity and the charisma that "A Kid Named Cudi" brought. This mixtape featured the attraction of relation. There was nothing witty about Kid Cudi and there still isn't. His music gives you the feeling that you can relate to what he's writing, singing and rapping. Plus, the production featured instrumentals that majority of artists wouldn't be able to write too, at that time.

The music that he released is type universal, it featured the insecurities, the love, the hate, the ex's, the lovers and the humour. It's kind of irresistible not to relate to the emotions he shared because as a male, first and foremost, you find comfort in another individual describing what you're going through. He preached the idea of being yourself and not to worry about what others think. As mentioned above, there really isn't any lyrical skill that Cudi holds but it was simply the charisma (meaning all of the relating) and the unheard sound he delivered. After all it's not easy making a club banger by exhaling your emotions on a futuristic song.

His albums follow the exact type of formula but somehow don't have the same appeal as his first release. Simplicity at it's best is somehow the most effective.

Download Mixtape |

Friday, January 21, 2011

Busta Rhymes: The Individual

Growing up around the environment and era that I did, it was rare for a artist to be different. Resembling every other music genre, Hip Hop was going through a trend. We can exhibit this in today's Hip Hop by distinguishing the evident similar sounding instrumentals, tireless use of the term swag, and the claims of spending roughly $10, 000 on marijuana monthly. There is one source to blame for this trend; the listener.

There was one artist who wasn't afraid to display his true self. To have fun with his videos and to step outside of the box. Watching his videos at the ages of 11-16, I didn't really find it all that interesting because it wasn't something I was used to seeing. I couldn't cope with his artistic integrity or his vision.

Now after studying a bit of the self and theories by many philosophers, I fully see his work with a different eye, ear and mind. The level of confidence required of a artist to create this sort of work justifies their authenticity and their desire to remain their true self with out following the trends.

Busta Rhymes has always found ways to take his music to the next level. He's truly an incredible artist who now at an older age finds it hard to compete with such a trend oriented state of Hip Hop that his work has begun to dwindle and re-form into what the record labels are pushing for. It's all cool though, his legacy remains untouched. Here's a few of his videos in chronological order:

Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some More

Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson - What's It Gonna Be?!

Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

Busta Rhymes & Pharrell - Light Your A** On Fire

Busta Rhymes feat.P Diddy And Pharrell Williams - Pass The Courvoisier Pt II

Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey - I Know What You Want

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cassettes: The Dead Culture

Jonathan Mannion, photographer and director, has captured some of today’s most influential artists to retell their experiences with making mixtapes. This gave birth to TDK Life on Record Chronicles film series. The series provide a rare look into the lives of these artists that reveals their love of music through songs and stories from their pasts.

"The Strokes – Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond, Jr., Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti – each member of the band touched on their love of music and experiences creating homemade mixtapes."

Nas, the living legend, drives down memory lane and reflects on his early life in the Queensbridge housing projects and memories of making and collecting mixtapes, plus mentions a few of his musical influences (Tribe Called Quest, MC Shan, Kurtis Blow & Queen, and etc.)

"Each one contained a story, a struggle and captured a moment in time. Each song stood for something; it was there for a reason. The mixtape had mythical powers, it could: impress a girl, make you look cool, make you look weird, keep you up at night, and it could even keep you from going to the bathroom while you waited for that one song you needed to come on the radio. Not to mention, naming the thing – the perfect name, written with the perfect pen in your imperfect handwriting…" - Jonathan Mannion

Influencers: Steve Stoute

INFLUENCERS in-depth Series / STEVE STOUTE from R+I creative on Vimeo.

This is the second episode of the outstanding "INFLUENCERS" series. In this episode, Steve Stoute, Founder and CEO of Translation, a brand management firm that arranges strategic partnerships between Pop Culture icons; Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, Lebron James, Justin Timberlake and etc.; discusses the idea of what the term cool means and how new cultural codes are redefining traditional communication. He also talks about creating successful collaborations between Artists and Brands.

Keep your ear out for the songs played in the background and you should realize what makes this series so incredible. It focuses on more than just fashion, it incorporates music, art and sports.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jonathan Emile: Canada's Next

For numerous years the Canadian Hip Hop scene hasn't reached it's full potential. It all starts with the Canadian artists falling in this inescapable trap of trying to follow the footsteps of American Hip Hop music. What they fail to realize is that Canadians have their own identity, we're different. We like being different but the artists ultimately don't deliver that different vibe, except two artists; Drake and Jonathan Emile.

Jonathan Emile is a Jamaican Canadian poet, composer, producer, student, entrepreneur and a cancer survivor hailing from Montreal Canada.

He's the founder of Mindpeacelove Enterprises and is currently attending McGill University as a Philosophy & Political Science Major.

This artist is full of soul, heart and a positive mind. A conscious rapper, if you must, with a unique story and the penmanship to vividly inscribe his story within the listeners.

His talents enable him to step out the box and explore the world of different genres; Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B and Electro-Pop.

Jonathan Emile has generated a significant amount of deserved buzz and the future looks bright for this artist.

Jonathan Emile - Life Of God (Download)

Make sure you check out these links:
Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, Label

Monday, January 17, 2011

Watch The Throne: Analyzing H.A.M

Jay-Z (left) & Kanye West (right)

Historically, Kanye West and Jay-Z have created some great and powerful music together. We've witnessed the duo deliver classics over soul sampled instrumentals that mostly featured Jay releasing an arsenal full of figurative speech that made it nearly impossible not to favourite.

It really is no surprise that they would release a collaborative album together, after all Kanye has a song that is dedicated to Jay-Z and their story together.

Kanye West - Big Brother

Watch The Throne is the name of the collaborative release and the title fits appropriately due to the fact that they are two heavyweights in the mainstream world, no scratch that, even in the underground world, listeners love these two artists. The first single is titled "H.A.M" and it is produced by Lex Luger, the man who produced Rick Ross's "Blowin' Money Fast" and Waka Flocka Flames "Oh Let's Do It".

Based on this first single, it seems like the album will feature Kanye West being assaulted and owned verse for verse on every single song. Right? Or maybe it’s just because I’m a Jay fan and that is perhaps one of his best recent verses.

The instrumental becomes a nuisance after a while because besides the sample, it really offers nothing exciting or new. It features the same pattern as Waka’s song and Rick Ross's. I wish they would of gotten back to their old formula, and messed with some soulful samples because that’s really what mainstream needs and what fans really fell in love with. It feels like they are desperately trying to follow a trend but what they fail to realize is that they were and still are the trendsetters. People would like their song regardless of what the song was based on the simple fact that it’s Kanye and Jay.

None the less people will adore this song and it will make a lot of noise on the radio and the clubs. I guess it's like Jay said "N***** want my old s*** buy my old album."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Art of Slick Talking: Wale

There is one artist who can definitely deliver his syllables, metaphors, similes and anything that comes out of his mouth in such slick and smooth fashion that you would think he was the one who talked Britney into shaving her head all bald.

Wale has a way with words and it all started when I originally heard his song titled "Nike Boots" which despite the title, represents unification. After that, I kept my ears out for him and what he had in store was not disappointing. I have to say he's at his best when his content revolves around women and real life situations.

The song that is going to be posted is from his most recent mixtape, "More About Nothing", and the song is titled "The War". The mixtape is a follow up to "The Mixtape About Nothing" and both mixtapes sample comprehensively from Seinfeld, and Wale delivers his verses with frequent references to jokes from the series.

The song is a breakdown of a relationship and how the progress isn't like that of wine (the whole concept that things get better with time). We hear Wale exploring his emotions and it is one song that nobody in this world will have trouble not relating too.

It's hard to believe that he hasn't reached the success of his mainstream peers.

Wale & Daniel Merriweather - The War

"Just another product of the Matrix, this maze I'm in amazes me at times, I just wanted to be at peace with you, and if I gotta settle for a piece of you then I gotta say Peace to you. With all due respect, I do respect you enough to expect. Effort is all I ask. If we're gonna last more I gotta ask for more and if that means I'm asking for too much, I'm sure we'll end up as our last or past."

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mara Hruby: From Her Eyes

The power of the blogging world is quite amazing and for someone like me it is an essential part of my life as I have been privileged to encounter some amazingly talented artists.

This artist was a suggestion and after checking her out, I had to involve and feature her on this blog. It was necessary.

Mara Hruby is a 22 year old female artist hailing from Oakland, California and is quickly garnering a well deserved buzz. Her sound is melodic yet powerful enough to sway your essence into her story and soul. On November 30th, 2010. Mara released a seven track EP tittled "From Her Eyes".

"These seven tracks represent the genesis of the view “From Mara’s Eyes” of the various works of her favorite male artists. Each song is connected to a memory experience in Mara’s young life. The beauty and elegance of Van Hunt’s “Character,” Bob Marley’s love of Jah, Mos Def’s soulful poetry, André “3000” Benjamin’s “Take Off Your Cool,” as well as D’Angelo’s “Send It On” – are all examples of art forms from today’s exceptional musicians."

Contact Mara Hruby through the following sources:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nitty Scott MC: The Rejuvenista

It's been a while but I knew she would make her way back into this blog. In my eyes there isn't a female MC that is lyrically as deep and skilled as Nitty.

Here are three new songs I recently ran into. They're nothing short of everything she's done before. This lady is really going to make a name for herself.

Watch out mainstream, there might be a new queen knocking over the current multi-hair-coloured-aesthetic-silicone-filled "top" female MC. (Cheap shots? I think so)

Young Rell, Nitty Scott MC, Nike Nando, Thr33zy McFly, Qwality, Like (of Pac Div) & Uness - Pop A Bottle Remix

Nitty Scott MC - Deep Cover

Najee & Nitty Scott MC - To Tomorrow (A Toast To Hip Hop)

Stacy's mom really had it going on

I don't know about you guys but this song has got to be one of the songs that will stick with me for the rest of my life. It is unforgettable, it's funny and it's pretty melodic.

The music video, directed by Chris Applebaum, features numerous comedic acts demonstrating a boy's efforts to get closer to his girlfriend’s mother, played by the stunning-goddess-like Rachel Hunter. Also, the music video and song pay homage to The Cars, rock band that emerged in the late 1970’s, and their song, “Just What I Needed”.

I hope I really surprised you with this one, what can I say? I’m never going to let go to these moments of music.

Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

The Cars - Just What I Needed

Monday, January 10, 2011

Throwback: The Pimp Juice Era

I don't know about some of you but my favourite rapper used to be Nelly. I didn't exactly find him lyrical, the deepest or heck even just the best out there but I knew one thing, he made good music that I can have a good time too.

I was a white little boy with minimal knowledge of the English language wearing clothes from Goodwill but I loved the sound he had. His music is forced by some unforgettable hooks and nonsense verses that you couldn't help but love.

I actually believe Nelly changed commercial hip hop for the fact that he was singing on his songs and that's when the Ja Rule Era spawned. It should really be called The Pimp Juice Era because Nelly dictated the billboards and the clubs. When I come to think about it, Nelly came into the game with his own sound and when they greeted the success so well, everybody was sounding like Nelly. Much like many trends in Hip Hop.

If you are 20 to 25 years old, I will not believe you if you claim that you didn't like these songs.

Nelly - Country Grammar

Nelly & The St. Lunatics - Ride With Me

Nelly & Kelly Rowland - Dilemma

Nelly - Pimp Juice

Nelly - E.I

Nelly & Tim McGraw - Over And Over Again

Nelly - Flap Your Wings

Nelly & Jaheim - My Place

Nelly, Diddy & Murphy Lee - Shake Your Tailfeather

Nelly - Hot In Here

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raje Shwari: Uncredited

Raje Shwari, Indian born, is an American contemporary R&B and Indian music singer and songwriter. She has appeared on several songs by hip hop musicians. She was signed to Beat Club Records by Timbaland but is no longer with the label because she didn't renew her contract due to their differences. Actually I'd be pretty mad if I did work for some major artists and never received the recognition I should of have.

Why am I doing a post on her? It's pretty simple, let me post the songs she's laid vocals on and you should understand why.

Slum Village & Miss Jade - Disco (She makes a cameo in the video plus she's singing)

Jay-Z & Kanye West - The Bounce (Yeah, it's her again)

Nas & Pharrell - Angel The Flyest (Yes Yes)

Petey Pablo & Raje Shwari - Country Style

Of course there are probably other songs which she had laid her vocals on. I must tell you this that her voice in the background gives the songs such of an authentic vibe. I find it really cool. Also, I didn't post "Indian Flute" because it's already on this blog.

Oh to answer why I posted her it's because Slum Village, Jay-Z, Kanye, Nas & Pharrell are some of my favourite artists.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Twilight Zone or should I say The 5'9" Zone!

Royce Da 5'9", Detroit Hip Hop recording artist, is probably one of the most underrated rappers in the industry. He is mostly recognized due to his association with Eminem, his famous dispute with Eminem and group D12, recording mainly with DJ Premier, Nottz and Carlos "6 July" Broady, as well as ghostwriting (writing songs for other artists) for the likes of P. Diddy and Dr. Dre. In recent news, he's also a member of rap group Slaughterhouse which features other underground heavyweights Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. He has left a mark in the underground with his successful mixtape series, The Bar Exam, and has released several albums to further solidify himself as one of the elite rhyme sayers of the Hip Hop world. This one fellow is slick plus this overpowering delivery of his syllables that doesn't make it hard to believe that he can hold his own on songs featuring other elites.

In this particular song, Royce delivers one awesome story with a template bounding similarities to Twilight Zone episode. (Click Twilight Zone to know what it is) The video is directed by Rik Cordero. All Slaughterhouse members make a cameo.

"Last night we had a one night stand but when I woke up in the morning I missed you, you see, all I'm saying is can I see you again? Cause when you left you took a part of me with you."

Story telling at it's best.

Royce Da 5'9" - Part Of Me

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Before He Was LOL-ing, He Had SOUL!

For the last couple of years I have witnessed the R&B scene turn from being sensually-potent with deep figurative speech elaborating the blissful feel of the art of love making to converting the passions of human nature into a meaning-less facade.

Don't believe me? Turn to your favourite radio station and seek the top ten songs, the men either sing about performing sex and the women sing about relationship problems.

The problem lies in the human characteristic for this evident lust for greed. Greed turns artists into selling themselves. I'm positive that these artists grew up idolizing artists like Marvin Gaye, Luthor Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, Anita Baker, Sade, Donny Hathaway, Al Green, Gladys Knight, Chaka Kahn, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin and etc. With influences as wonderful as the previous legends mentioned before how can the state of such a incredible art be at such a horrible condition?

My greatest example is Virginia's own, Trey Songz. This artist completely lost himself in the battle against greed. He is an amazing singer with an incredible first album to back up my claims. He came into the game with comparisons to R.Kelly and the support of Aretha Franklin. It still leaves me confused and bitter at the fact that I can't figure out where this gentleman went wrong! How could he of have gone wrong? Present R&B stars who are receiving overwhelming attention from the market (mostly females in their teens) release albums that in ten years won't be remembered. SEX SEX AND MORE SEX will be the demise of an art form that has soothed the hearts of millions of men and women and holds the dearest memories has turned into a melodic-porno genre of music.

Before some of you disagree with me, I want to clear things up, there are still artists who are continuing the legacy of the genre but you must keep in mind that these artist aren't getting the appreciation they deserve which only enforces the point of this post.

I am going to post every song on Trey's first album titled, "I Gotta Make It".

1.Trey Songz - A Message From Aretha (I Gotta Make It Intro)

2. Trey Songz & Twista - Gotta Make It

3. Trey Songz - Cheat On You

4. Trey Songz - Gotta Go

5. Trey Songz - Ooo

6. Trey Songz - All The Ifs

7. Trey Songz - Ur Behind

8. Trey Songz - From A Womans Hand

9. Trey Songz - Kinda Lovin'

10. Trey Songz - Comin' For You

11. Trey Songz - Just Wanna Cut (Prelude)

12. Trey Songz - Just Wanna Cut

13. Trey Songz - In The Middle

14. Trey Songz - Make Love Tonight

15. Trey Songz - Hatin' Love

16. Trey Songz - Gotta Go (Reprise)

17. Trey Songz, Aretha Franklin & Juvenille - Gotta Make It (Remix)