Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raje Shwari: Uncredited

Raje Shwari, Indian born, is an American contemporary R&B and Indian music singer and songwriter. She has appeared on several songs by hip hop musicians. She was signed to Beat Club Records by Timbaland but is no longer with the label because she didn't renew her contract due to their differences. Actually I'd be pretty mad if I did work for some major artists and never received the recognition I should of have.

Why am I doing a post on her? It's pretty simple, let me post the songs she's laid vocals on and you should understand why.

Slum Village & Miss Jade - Disco (She makes a cameo in the video plus she's singing)

Jay-Z & Kanye West - The Bounce (Yeah, it's her again)

Nas & Pharrell - Angel The Flyest (Yes Yes)

Petey Pablo & Raje Shwari - Country Style

Of course there are probably other songs which she had laid her vocals on. I must tell you this that her voice in the background gives the songs such of an authentic vibe. I find it really cool. Also, I didn't post "Indian Flute" because it's already on this blog.

Oh to answer why I posted her it's because Slum Village, Jay-Z, Kanye, Nas & Pharrell are some of my favourite artists.


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