Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jonathan Emile: Canada's Next

For numerous years the Canadian Hip Hop scene hasn't reached it's full potential. It all starts with the Canadian artists falling in this inescapable trap of trying to follow the footsteps of American Hip Hop music. What they fail to realize is that Canadians have their own identity, we're different. We like being different but the artists ultimately don't deliver that different vibe, except two artists; Drake and Jonathan Emile.

Jonathan Emile is a Jamaican Canadian poet, composer, producer, student, entrepreneur and a cancer survivor hailing from Montreal Canada.

He's the founder of Mindpeacelove Enterprises and is currently attending McGill University as a Philosophy & Political Science Major.

This artist is full of soul, heart and a positive mind. A conscious rapper, if you must, with a unique story and the penmanship to vividly inscribe his story within the listeners.

His talents enable him to step out the box and explore the world of different genres; Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B and Electro-Pop.

Jonathan Emile has generated a significant amount of deserved buzz and the future looks bright for this artist.

Jonathan Emile - Life Of God (Download)

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