Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Art of Slick Talking: Wale

There is one artist who can definitely deliver his syllables, metaphors, similes and anything that comes out of his mouth in such slick and smooth fashion that you would think he was the one who talked Britney into shaving her head all bald.

Wale has a way with words and it all started when I originally heard his song titled "Nike Boots" which despite the title, represents unification. After that, I kept my ears out for him and what he had in store was not disappointing. I have to say he's at his best when his content revolves around women and real life situations.

The song that is going to be posted is from his most recent mixtape, "More About Nothing", and the song is titled "The War". The mixtape is a follow up to "The Mixtape About Nothing" and both mixtapes sample comprehensively from Seinfeld, and Wale delivers his verses with frequent references to jokes from the series.

The song is a breakdown of a relationship and how the progress isn't like that of wine (the whole concept that things get better with time). We hear Wale exploring his emotions and it is one song that nobody in this world will have trouble not relating too.

It's hard to believe that he hasn't reached the success of his mainstream peers.

Wale & Daniel Merriweather - The War

"Just another product of the Matrix, this maze I'm in amazes me at times, I just wanted to be at peace with you, and if I gotta settle for a piece of you then I gotta say Peace to you. With all due respect, I do respect you enough to expect. Effort is all I ask. If we're gonna last more I gotta ask for more and if that means I'm asking for too much, I'm sure we'll end up as our last or past."


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