Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time of Origin: Jay-Z

The now 40 year old Shawn Carter is only a shadow of his former self. This post takes a look at the non-commercial cuts on previous albums that have solidified Jay-Z as one of the present day Kings of this culture to Hip Hop Heads.

This song serves a letter Hov has mentally written to hip hop and saying his goodbyes by reminiscing the path of his career. "Dear summer, I know you're going to miss me, for we've been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees."

Perhaps my favourite song by Hov. The lyrics speak for themselves. Verbally painting on a canvas of the glitter-gold mind state of fame seekers. Claiming that money and fame isn't what it seems. Definitely a overlooked classic.

A reflection concerning the craving for money, lust and power that infects the mind of ghetto tenants which leads to betrayal, bloodshed and death.

Two sentimental verses that craft and capture the emotions on Jay's previous love, plus a final verse deciphering the shame he's brought to his mother.

Name a artist who has recorded a autobiography as dope as this? It's okay, I'll wait.

Hustler's anthem. "Plead the fifth when it comes to the fam, I'm like a dog, I never speak, but I understand." "I never change, this is always me. From the womb to the tomb, from now until my doom."

Honestly, the production makes this song 10 times better.

I know, I'm missing a few but don't worry they'll make their way into this blog, I promise.


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