Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From The West Side, With Love

DOM KENNEDY - Watermelon Sundae


Dom Kennedy is the one to blame for the idea behind my blog title. I found out about Dom when I heard a brand new song with these artists I had never heard before. The artists had recorded over, NERD's "Everybody Nose" instrumental and created their own version, "Everybody Knows Us".

The remake features Dom Kennedy, Carter, and trio, Pac Div. Carter is a southern artist but yet he gave the song a very creative balance. The members of Pac Div, Mibbs, his brother Like and long time friend BeYoung, hail from Southern California.

Enough about the features and more about Mr. Kennedy. I'm going to skip all of the introductions because I feel like once you hear his music, his humble style will win you over.

Dom’s got a really silky and kind spirited style to the way that he records music that makes him effortlessly noticeable even after a couple of listens. His flow is comforting but far from lazy. He doesn’t really claim or glorify the thug lifestyle and he’s doesn’t necessarily fit the description of these new hipster rappers either but the music gives you the sense that he’s just a person who enjoys regular things we all like to do and that is why I adore his music. His content is never aggressive and never inappropriate. It's just feel good music.

Click here to download a free copy of Dom Kennedy's latest mixtape found on his blog.


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