Thursday, November 18, 2010

Child Rebel Soldier: Backpack Dream Team

A backpack rapper is an artist whose lyrics are rich and deep in dictating life experiences, often their own, or those of a social group to which they feel they are a part of. They are artists who don’t often boast about their materialistic possessions but capture the inner thoughts and feelings of the masses.

Child Rebel Soldier will probably never have an official release but just the idea of this super group is eargasmic to hip hop heads. With each artist in the group having the type of impact that they’ve had in the hip hop community, it is unimaginable what all three of them together would be able to conjure and influence.

Kanye West:
14 Grammy Award wins out of 36 nominations. 

That’s an impressive resume.  Not only is Mr. West an outstanding rapper but he’s also a witty producer, sampling soul music and incorporating lethal drum patterns into his instrumentals that have won the hearts of many music lovers. His albums have always been well received some even crowning Kanye as a musical genius.

Lupe Fiasco:       
1 Grammy Award win out of 8 nominations. 

Lupe Fiasco is a deep psychological lyrical machine that doesn’t let his complex metaphors deduct or ruin the great sound of his music. Lupe is an artist that is humble and intelligent with a knack of releasing flawless albums that have the ability to attract a range of demographics.

Pharrell Williams:                
The production duo, The Neptunes, which features Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo have collected 3 Grammy Awards out of 11 nominations.   

Pharrell = Super Producer + Musician + Fashion Designer 

Lyrically, he isn’t up to par with the other two members of the trio but his resume is more impressive than both artists put together. Pharrell is innovative and will always be relevant in anything he does. You don’t believe me? Check his whole N.E.R.D catalogue. I’ve never heard of anybody in hip hop as experimental and as daring musically as him. He adds a great balance to this group whether it will be lyrically, production wise and sound wise.

The group initially released one song together which was titled, "Us Placers". The song uses a Thom Yorke chorus and sample from the song titled, "The Eraser".

In recent news Kanye West has been putting out new music every Friday, to further promote his upcoming album, "My Dark Twisted Fantasy". He decided to call the music frenzy, "G.O.O.D Friday" in honour of his record label, "G.O.O.D Music" which is an acronym that stand for Getting Out Our Dreams. The newest song that CRS has released is titled, "Don't Stop", and it is one mighty song.

Time will tell if these musically talented heavyweights will collaborate and release a full album.


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