Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Cassette Chronicles

The very first time Nitty Scott MC charged her way on this blog, this writer entered a state of excitement and anticipation. She had just dropped her video for her "Monster" freestyle and had released two songs to go along with it.

My reaction to those songs is as follows: "Her charismatic aura plus her critical yet soothing delivery of words and rhymes reminds me so much of Lauryn Hill. Not only that, but this particular female is like the wittiness of Jean Grae fused with the rawness of Foxy Brown. I know comparing a new comer to Lauryn Hill may sound ludicrous but believe me once you listen to her, you'll love it."

The second time I found myself posting about Nitty, I found myself in a state of competitiveness and joy, these were my words: "Watch out mainstream, there might be a new queen knocking over the current multi-hair-coloured-aesthetic-silicone-filled "top" female MC. (Cheap shots? I think so)"

She has just released her first mixtape titled "The Cassette Chronicles" presented by Mick Boogie. Cover art and download link after the jump.


okatea. said...

I downloaded the other day, I haven't listened to it yet but having listened to some of her other songs, I'm excited!

Florind Metalla said...

The fact that Mick Boogie presents this mixtape is a good enough reason for anybody to pick it up. We can go back and look at Mick's previous mixtapes and find that he only releases great work.

He's my favourite DJ right now. This is a great mixtape I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

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