Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From Toronto, With Love is BASED

OMG, God damn is he really going to make a post about this? WOOP yes he is!

There has been quite the controversy surrounding this young man as to whether this kind of music is destroying the rap game, or is it just the type of music that has an impact on what is hot right now? Lil B the Based God, also part of The Pack, has been making progress with his career, from his social media following on Twitter, to his millions of views on YouTube. He's been featured on the XXL Freshmen's list this year and has even had Diddy bring him out during a show in Texas.

Lil B has garnered a huge following and strong fan base, and has a lot of people "cooking". Want to know how to cook? Check out the video embedded below.

This Master Chef has released a few mixtapes, the most recent one called "Illusions of Grandeur", which features one single that has impressed many called "Base For Your Face", which can be viewed in the audio below. "Base For Your Face" is produced by 9th Wonder, a hip hop producer, DJ, lecturer and rapper from Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A., and it features underground heavyweight femcee(female emcee) Jean Grae and one third of Little Brother, Phonte.

From (insert derogatory female term here) on his (insert the name for the male private parts) 'cause he looks like _________ (fill in the blank with any word you like) to "cooking", to controversial songs. Hate him or love him Lil B can possibly be the hottest thing in the near future.

For your viewing pleasure, check out these videos that sparked a lot of views and see what you think.



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