Monday, March 21, 2011

From Toronto, With Love Presents Sampling Hindi Music

Remember the middle school days when hip hop club music was the only thing they'd play at all ages events and house parties?

That's the type of music that initially swayed me into this internal love for the art. Believe me if I were to ever throw a house party all you would hear are the tunes we have grown fond of.

Some of these songs feature sampling from Hindi music. My knowledge of Hindi music isn't the greatest but I am positive that when Hip Hop samples it, great results are produced.

Let's get into it then.

The first song is titled "React" and it was the single of an album by the same name by Hip Hop veterans Erick Sermon & Redman. The song contains a sample of female Hindi-language singer Meena Kapoor performing "Chandhi Ka Badan" from a 1963 Bollywood film "Taj Mahal". The sampled line, 'Kisi Ko Khudkushi ka shok ho tow uh huh kya kare' translates as "If someone has suicidal interests, what can we do?" and it is followed by Erick Sermon responding with, "Whatever she said, then I'm that". The use of the sample drew criticism from the Hindi-speaking community but we're not here to dwell on that.

The song is produced by beatsmith Just Blaze who honestly has an amazing catalogue and resume. It's no wonder that this song was a big hit back then, it's funny, catchy and appropriate for the club scene. Plus, I'm a a hundred percent positive that Erick nor Redman actually knew what the translation of the sampled voice was.

Erick Sermon & Redman - React

Mohammad Rafi & Manna & Asha - Chandi Ka Badan Sone Ki Nazar
(Skip to 7:31 for the part sampled)

The second song is by duo Timbaland & Magoo titled "Indian Flute" featured on the album "Under Construction, Part III". Timbaland is the producer of the song and if there is one thing you must know about Timbaland is that he loves to sample music from different cultures. I've already posted one which was Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin". Moving forward the song "Indian Flute" contains an uncredited sample of "Curura" by Totó La Momposina and uncredited vocals from Raje Shwari, an American contemporary R&B and Indian music singer and songwriter. (Don't worry I'm on my way to writing a post about her and her uncredited work on many songs) Although the song originally features the samples of a Colombian song, it is the words of Raje Shwari who makes this particular song associated with Hindi music.

Timbaland & Magoo - Indian Flute

Totó La Momposina - Curura

The third song is The Black Eyed Peas and their single "Don't Phunk With My Heart" from their album "Monkey Business". The samples used in the song were taken from two Indian songs from two 1970s Hindi/Indian movies: "Ye Mera Dil Pyaar Ka Diwana" from Don (1978) and "Ae Naujawan Hai Sub" from Apradh (1972). Both songs were originally composed by Kalyanji Anandji and sung by Asha Bhosle. The song was sampled by Black Eyed Peas member Will I Am.

The Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart

Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Deewana Deewana Deewana Pyar Ka

Ae Naujawan Hai Sub Kuchh Yahan - Apradh

The final song is Truth Hurts and Rakim's "Addictive" from the album "Truthfully Speaking". The song was produced by DJ Quik and it features the sampling of "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai", a 1981 song by Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Truth Hurts & Rakim - Addictive

Lata Mangeshkar - Thoda Resham Lagta Hai

The song "Addictive" also features a remix which was produced by Dr. Dre and feature an additional verse by Rakim.


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