Friday, February 25, 2011

J The S: Handcuff Sex

There is no doubt that the Pornography industry definitely shares miscellaneous ties with the Hip Hop industry and because of these relations we've seen a lot of failed attempts. Yes, this is referring to the horrendous music by Pornstars such as the paper-clip-like-jewelery wearing Brian Pumper and the pink-haired-award-winning Pinky. (We in no way shape or form encourage you to listen to these two "artists")

Not all is lost because this relationship between the industries is responsible for some amazing work as well. Artists like Eminem, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Ray-J, R.Kelly, Jay-Z and etc. have featured some of these women on their music videos. The relation that ultimately brings these two industries together is the well known fact of artist and their well known polygamous desires and objectification of women but we won't dwell on that topic because it's such a complex situation that deserve a number a discussion posts.

By the way that was Eminem's "Superman" which costarred Gina Lynn.

Fast forward a couple of years and on March 31st 2010 a video by an upcoming artist, J The S, makes it's debut on the net. The Massachusetts born artist earned the opportunities of opening shows for artists such as Kool G Rap, AZ, Fat Joe, Slaughterhouse, Brother Ali, Talib Kweli and Wu-Tang Clan ensured the young rapper respect from the hip-hop veterans. J The S's (which is short for Jake The Snake) music reflects the thoughts of someone who’s seen and experienced much during his life. He was exposed to the criminal underworld from a young age, first as a child in his household and later on his own as an adult. Though he can speak with authority about that lifestyle, his music embodies more than just a street mentality. His work as a teacher in Boston, in which he facilitated youth-oriented programs focusing on social issues and politics, reflects an intelligence and depth that defies his young age. presents, in association with Restless Films & Same Plate, a music video by Court Dunn: J The S ft. Pornstar Jayla Starr "Handcuff Sex". This video is quite simple but that fact alone makes it entertaining. The song is mellow with some intriguing lyrics. Enjoy.


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