Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Art of Slick Talking II: The Break Up Song

Ever since LL Cool J said he needed love back in 1987, Hip Hop music went through a content revolution. Artists garnered the power to step into the realm of sweet talks and the dark realm of heart breaks.

Wale, no stranger to this blog, has released a visual for "The Break Up Song" off of his most recent mixtape, "More About Nothing". In recent news, Wale is now an official member of the expanding Maybach Music Group record label, which is founded by mainstream heavy weight Rick Ross.

The video is directed by Walu & DJ Omega, and features a great concept that goes hand to hand with Wale's story telling abilities. This seems like a piece of cake for Wale. His wordplay is intact which only solidifies his spot as one of the most versatile young musicians currently active in the Hip Hop industry.


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