Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kanye West - Roses

A lot of criticism could be said about Mr. West's actions, but you could never take away his work ethic and his body of work. His previous albums have been solid efforts, from lyrics to production.

This particular song contains lyrics which seem to be personal to Kanye West. He recites lyrics that involve the very deadly HIV virus and the lack of available treatments for it.

The song, Roses, was originally composed as a poem but being an incredible producer pays off, as Kanye has made this song easily one of his best.

He speaks of his grandmothers constant struggle with AIDS and how it affected his family. He also lashes his emotions on how the wealthy community can afford to fight AIDS, referencing NBA legend Magic Johnson.

I feel that this is a very personal song, that's why it's so golden.

Commercial Hip Hop music isn't what it was 10 years ago. Most artists compose records that are materialistic oriented and often find artists boasting worthless lyrics.

Kanye led the revival for powerful music. He made it "Through The Wire" and when it was "All Falling Down" somehow he made it past the "Flashing Lights" and enjoyed the "Good Life".


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