Monday, October 4, 2010

Mos Def - Mathematics

The Mighty Mos Def.  
This is one of my favourite artists. This fellow is quite talented, from music to movies to poetry to fashion and etc.

One thing I like about Mos Def is that he's original. He doesn't try to follow a trend or make music that is relevant at the moment. He creates art, he has his own sound and what he writes is actually quite hard to do. One of my favourite songs is called "Mathematics" which is produced by legendary producer, DJ Premier.  

"It's five dimensions, six senses/ seven firmaments of heaven to hell, 8 Million Stories to tell/ nine planets faithfully keep in orbit/ with the probable tenth, the universe expands length/ the body of my text possess extra strength"


shorty. said...

Booka booka booka booka booka booka!

I remember (well, barely, the booka part is quite clear though) when Black on Both Sides dropped, I was like five years old. My dad and I had taken one of our trips down to Brooklyn and my dad got Mos Def's record on vinyl and played it until it got a horrific scratch in it. Mos Def is truly, truly an inspiration. Every song he does has a piece of knowledge on it.

(this is -ayoshorty via tumblr btw. mhm I love this layout. I might have to borrow it..)

Florind Metalla said...

I wanted to thank you for taking the time and viewing the early stages of my blog. Thank You! Mos is an incredible artist. I'm going to actually post a lot more on him. I actually plan on purchasing a few Mos albums in vinyl. I just have to find them first.

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